Warm Metal Fixture Ideas To Brighten Up Your Bathroom


It is well-known that design trends change quickly. However, the next big trend in bathroom design is warm metal fixtures. The days of stainless steel and cold chrome are gone. It’s all about creating welcoming spaces with copper, bronze and brass.

Don’t worry if you are unsure how to incorporate these materials in your design without making it too retro. Here are some tips to help you create a stylish aesthetic you will love for many years to come.

1. Go for Gold

It may seem old-fashioned to use gold in a bathroom. This look is gaining popularity and we can assure you it will bring the luxury touch one would expect.

Modern gold can be used in modern settings by focusing on cutting-edge designs. This finish is ideal for products such as minimalist shower controls and waterfall faucets. Remember that less is better when it comes to using gold. It can be used as an accent to your design, rather than a major component.

2. Choose copper

Copper’s reflective light makes it stand out. It will quickly become the preferred choice for anyone who wants a bathroom that is truly spectacular. It can be used as a focal point in the space, such as a large soaking bathtub or mixed and matched with another metal.

Copper is easy to maintain. Warm water will usually suffice to bring back a fixture or light element that has lost its shine. If you need to clean more thoroughly, use gentler cleaning products like dish soap.

3. Brass Brightens Up

Brass is a timeless material that has stood the test of time. Its natural durability and polished shine will give your bathroom a grand look. This finish is a great choice for both traditional and modern spaces.

It is important to remember that brass requires regular maintenance in order to look great. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s upkeep instructions. Routine wipe downs should only be done using approved cleaners.

4. Bring In Some Bronze

Because bronze is a unique choice for bathroom finishes, it can actually become more beautiful over time than other metals. These products aren’t protected from the elements by being labeled “oil-rubbed” or “hand rubbed bronze”. The aesthetic will become more refined with time and exposure to the elements.

We recommend bronze for those who love vintage charm and character. Bronze was very popular in the Revolutionary era so it works well in colonial homes and other similar traditional designs.

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