Top Tips from Designers to Style Your Nightstand


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With everyday use, nightstands can attract clutter. There is a way to organize all the things we use every day. Top interior designers shared their top tips for making this small space a focal point in the bedroom. These simple ideas will help you style your nightstand to be attractive and functional, rather than using it as a place for all things.

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Be creative with personal touches

Lisa Gilmore, interior designer, is known for her vibrant and glamorous designs. She shares her tips on how to style your nightstand in new ways.

  • Books: Pick some beautiful books, whether it’s color, font, or subject matter. Make a small stack.
  • Table lamp: Have some fun with your table lamp. You can make it artistic or use it to complement the room. You should ensure that the scale of the item is suitable for the space.
  • Nteror Desgn Deas For Your Bedroom By Top Nteror
    Nteror Desgn Deas For Your Bedroom By Top Nteror
  • Personal touches: Make your nightstand stand more personal by adding something whimsical or sentimental. These little touches make a nightstand look elegant and stylish.

Technology in style

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Mark Cutler, an interior designer based in Los Angeles, offers tips on how to incorporate your tech needs and style a beautiful nightstand. Do you have a lot of remotes? Find a box that you can store them in.

The way we use our nightstands will also influence how they are styled. Cutler adds, “Another consideration is: What are you most excited about seeing in the morning?” A framed photo of your family? An alarm clock? Maybe just a beautiful open space. Make your nightstand reflect you. My nightstand usually has a decanter with water, a retro alarm clock, a book, and a vase filled with fresh flowers. A tall table lamp is also a good option.

Take into account functionality

Margaret Ash, an internationally renowned interior designer based in San Francisco, shares a method for styling your nightstand so you can create the bedroom of dreams.

  • Design: The nightstand is the foundation of your design. You can conceal clutter by choosing a nightstand that has a drawer or lower shelf. Then you can stack your iPad, books, and magazines underneath.
  • Lighting: The lighting in your bedroom is important. You want to create a relaxing atmosphere and a peaceful environment. A lamp should not take up too much space on the nightstand. A sconce that is mounted on the wall above your nightstand will give you more space for styling and storage.
  • Mirrors: A mirror mounted behind your nightstand on the wall can give the illusion of more space.
  • Ring holder/jewel box: This is a small box to store your watch, ring and trinkets. It will help you organize your bedside table.
  • Family photos: A professional photo of a significant milestone such as a wedding or newborn is a great way to keep your family in mind. The frame should not overpower the image. Best frames are either sterling silver or gold leaf.

Incorporate feng shui

Feng Shui principles promote positive energy and balance in every bedroom. Patricia Lohan, a Feng Shui expert, says that the bedroom should represent relaxation, romance, and rest. She also believes that balance and equilibrium are key to a nightstand. For relationships, harmony and balance is important, so it’s essential that both sides of the bed are treated equally.

Patricia suggests adding solid wood nightstands, soft-toned lamps, and inspirational books to create a tranquil sleeping area. You can even go further and place a picture frame, or an object with inspirational quotes on your nightstand.

Patricia recommends that you keep your nightstand clutter-free. Your sleep quality may be affected if you have too many things on your nightstand.

Avoid clutter

A nightstand for some bedrooms is best if it’s simple. This will keep the space calm and relaxing. According to the Ida York Design Group, here are five tips for creating the ideal bedside space.

  • It’s best to keep it simple. Your nightstand should have built-in storage to store all your bedside accessories. You can use the top to store your phone, clock, and other essential accessories.
  • You can add a plant to your home: Plants are constantly evolving accessories that you can modify over time. They not only look great but also provide better air quality.
  • Consistency is key: Nightstands and bed frames are an investment. You want your space to feel visually consistent, so make sure they match in style and color.
  • Contact paper can be used to refresh your nightstand. There are many options for contact paper.
  • Mix and match: You can use the same color, but mix and match different patterns and colors throughout your nightstand accessories.

You don’t need a nightstand to be an afterthought for your bedroom. With some careful planning and a few intimate touches it can be a wonderful tool to bring serenity into your sleep space. What items should you have on your nightstand?

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