These fall bedding trends and ideas will make you want to stay in bed longer


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It’s time for warmer bedding as fall arrives with cooler temperatures. This roundup includes the latest trends and ideas for fall bedding.

1. Velvet bedding

There was a lot of velvet clothing and accessories on the fall runways. The place where you spend eight hours a night is the best place to introduce the velvet trend. Velvet is warm, soft, and inviting. You can add a duvet, decorative pillows or a throw cover in rich colors to give your bed a cozy fall feel.

These are our top Velvet accessories and bedding that you can add to your bedroom.

1. Classic Velvet Bedding

2. Upholstered Headboard

3. Velvet Quilt

4. Luxe Velvet Duvet

5. Velvet Fringe Pillow

6. Velvet Drape

2. Ideas for cable knit bedding

The cable knit texture is a great choice for fall bedding. This gives your bedroom a vintage and whimsical feel while keeping you cozy and warm this fall. It doesn’t take much to achieve the look. Simply add a throw pillow or cable knit blanket to your bed.

Cable knit is the most cozy thing there is. These are our top cable knit products for bedrooms:

1. Knitted Graphite Pouf

2. Cable Knit Boo Pillow

3. Cable Knit with Faux Fur Pillow

4. Cable Knit Comforter

5. Cable Knit Throw

6. Twice Knitted Chunky Throw

3. Down bedding

Because they retain heat well, feathers and down make the most comfortable bedding. They are light and fluffy and add a cloud-like feeling to your bed.

Start by covering your bed with a feather bed. Add a down comforter depending on how cold you are to it. You have many choices of down pillows and other bolsters. You can cover all of it with chic pillow and duvet covers, which can be changed as often as you like.

There are alternatives to feather bedding if you have allergies to feathers.

Below are some of the coziest and most comfortable down accessories and down-alternative accessories.

    1. Goose All Season Down Alternative
    2. Comforter made from goose down
    3. Comforter made from warmest down alternative
    4. Feather Pillow Inserts

4. Fall quilted bedding

Quilted bedding is a great way to make your bed look modern and warm for fall. You can mix and match the quilt pattern with other patterns and textures to add a geometric texture to your bed. As the inspiration images show, mixing and matching is key to a great quilt pattern.

You have so many choices in quilted bedding. Enjoy making your fall bedding.

1. Reversible Quilted Coverlet

2. Channel Silk Quilt

3. Diamond Stitch Quilt

4. Samsula Coverlet

5. Monochromatic layers

You can create a monochromatic, restful bed for fall by choosing a favorite color and then layering various shades and tones on top. To add some contrast, you can layer more than your white or neutral sheets.

It would be fun to combine all the pieces into a monochromatic bed. Our choice of color was blue. But you can choose any color that suits your taste and use these products as a guide.

1.Linen Diamond Quilt

2. Cozy Blanket

3. Morgan Sham

4. Pom Pom Embroidered Pillow Navy

5. Morgan Bed Skirt

6. Cozy Pom Pom Throw

7. Pom Pom Embroidered Pillow Gray

6. Bedding in patterns

Your everyday bed can be given a new look by adding a pattern in richer fall fabrics such as velvet, fur, or chenille in deep jewel tones. Fall trends include florals, paisleys, and exotic prints.

With patterned bedding, the possibilities are limitless. These are some of our top picks for bedding:

1. Floral Comforter

2. Throw pillows

3. Botanical Comforter

4. Reversible quilt set

5. Cashmere Throw Blanket

6. Buffalo Check Duvet

7. Cotton Chevron Blanket

7. Fur bedding

Faux fur, also known as faux fur, is a luxurious and warm addition to any bed. Faux fur is available in a variety of textures and looks.

We discovered the luxury of lux fur bedding. Find our top fur bedding products right here.

1. Faux Fur Pillow

2. Crisscross with Fur Pillow

3. Faux Fur Moroccan Pillow

4. Faux Fur Oversized Throw

5. Faux Fur Lounge Throw

6. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

7. Faux Fur Throw

No matter your budget, it is possible to create a stylish and warm bed for fall or winter. You can work with what you already have, or add some throw pillows or a trendy blanket or quilt to it. You can also make a new bed for fall, which can be stored in the warmer months. Layer texture, color, and pattern. The more you have, the better! This is the secret to coziest beds!

Which trend will you add to your bed this autumn?

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