The Best Mini Coolers in 2022


TOURIT Cooler Backpack: The Best Storage Option

The cooler features an insulated main compartment that can store up to 30 cans, as well as six pockets that can be used for snacks and other picnic necessities.

This mini cooler is leakproof and insulated, so it can keep your items hot or cold for up to 16 hours. The cooler features a bottle opener and is lightweight at just one pound. You can also choose from a variety of colors.

Arctic Zone Deep Freeze Cooler: Best Zipperless Cooler

The cooler features an adjustable shoulder strap, a water and stain-resistant exterior, and easy access to drinks and beverages with a zipperless flip-open cover.

This cooler can store up to 16 cans and has two front pockets as well as two mesh pockets on the sides. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match your personal style.

Deep Freeze Cooler Arctic Zone

Lifewit Soft Cooler Bag – Best Capacity

The cooler bag features two side pockets that provide additional storage. It also has a large interior that can hold 32 cans (or 23 liters) This product can be carried around with its adjustable shoulder strap and two padded carry handles.

The mini cooler has two separate insulated sections that can be used to keep drinks and food separated. These sections can keep drinks and snacks cold for up 12 hours. The back webbing can be slipped over the suitcase handles to make it easy to transport.

Best Attachments: SEEHONOR Insulated cooler Backpack

The backpack cooler features a nylon construction that is heavy duty, adjustable shoulder straps, multiple storage options including side mesh pockets, front zipper pockets, and many other storage options such as front zip pockets and side mesh pockets.

This cooler has two functions: a bottle opener that can open glass bottles, and a D-ring for hooking keys. The cooler also features an anti-leak interior to keep up to 25 cans cold.

Best Collapsible Cooler: CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

The portable mini cooler can be folded down to less than three inches high, making it easy to carry in a backpack, suitcase or other bag.

This cooler is strong and leakproof thanks to its waterproof insulation liner, as well as its strong polyester outer material. The cooler also has a padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted and two carrying handles so you have multiple options for transporting your 30 beverage containers.

Buyer’s Guide

It is important to think about how the design and specifications of a mini cooler will impact its performance and user experience before you buy one. These are the four things to consider before you make a purchase.


Mini coolers can be compact but they also come in different sizes to fit different occasions. Many models are categorized by how many cans they can hold. Mini coolers with larger can capacities are larger in size and heavier in weight.


Many mini coolers offer multiple storage options that allow you to store additional items along with your favorite drinks. Side mesh pockets are popular for open beverages and front zipper pockets are great for snacks, phones and other items you don’t want wet.


Mini coolers are equipped with handles or shoulder straps to help you carry your contents. Other models may have backpack straps that provide additional support. For long distance travel, backpack models are ideal for transporting large quantities of drinks.

Additional Features

Many mini coolers have additional features that improve durability and ease of use. Some coolers come with a removable interior lining to prevent leakage and make cleanup easy after a long day. For long-lasting durability, some models come with puncture-resistant materials.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long can ice in a mini-cooler last?

It takes for the ice to melt in a cooler varies from one model to another. Most mini coolers can keep your items cool for up to six hours.

Is it possible to make ice last longer by adding salt to my cooler?

Salt can speed up the melting of ice in your cooler, but it also lowers its freezing point, which reduces the temperature inside the cooler. This will help your cooler keep beverages colder for longer.

Can mini coolers keep items warm?

Yes. Mini coolers are equipped with insulated interiors that allow for temperature control.

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