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The Quonset Air Museum is in the process of organizing and opening a Library and Research Center at the Museum. Aviation enthusiasts, researchers and anyone that is looking for aviation information should find it at the "Library and Research Center". Information and articles associated will be available in book, or pdf format. Explore your aviation hobbies and interests. Listed on this page is a sample of some of the great works that will be available when we open.
The Library and Research Center will require a lot of work.
If you would like to contribute, please let us know.


The Quonset Air Museum (QAM) mission is to educate the public in Rhode Island aviation legacy through activities, hands-on displays and school classroom presentations, both in the school and at the museum.
Current activities include visits and presentations for elementary, middle school and high school classes where presentations, by QAM mentors, augment history, math, science, and geography classes taught by the classroom teachers. We do this for all grade levels. The QAM can coordinate these activities with the classroom teachers prior to the arranged visits.
Creative, interesting displays at the museum provide those, wishing to make field trips, with a wealth of information addressing all topics of aviation. These educational, interactive displays, are throughout the museum, some related directly to the many aircraft on display. These displays not only support the classroom information, but also provide visitors with a clear understanding of the history and science of aviation.
Plans are being developed to provide a more formal vocational education for those interested students wishing to make a career in aviation.
The QAM has many current General Aviation pilots in the membership eager and willing to teach aviation subjects such as theory of flight, navigation, weather and engine operation to interested students.
Aircraft restoration is a current on-going activity at the QAM where we have highly talented, skillful people, acting as mentors willing to give anyone interested in learning a basic understanding of what restoration is all about.
Contact the Quonset Air Museum for information concerning school field trips, presentations, guided tours by former military pilots and open cockpit days. We are ready to discuss your educational interests and can provide competent, interesting people eager to help fit aviation into your educational plans.
Please contact us by or calling us at 401-294-9540. Our Fax number is 401-294-9887.
The Quonset Air Museum
488 Eccleston Ave    North Kingstown, RI 02852    401-294-9540