Volunteering at the Museum

The backbone of the museum is its volunteers. From restoration to the back office, our volunteers keep the museum alive. While we encourage volunteers to become members, it is not necessary to do so. We ask that all volunteers give us as much time as they can in a variety of activities listed here. All skills are welcome and it's a great way to learn new skills.

Aircraft Restoration and Aircraft Maintenance, Military Vehicle Maintenance
Aircraft restoration includes not only repair of the parts that can be seen, like the fuselage, wings, control surfaces and the cockpit, but the parts that are not necessarily visible or otherwise evident, including the engine and the engine compartment, the frame and all ancillary parts like the brakes, accessories, engine cooling system, electrical system, etc. Besides repairs done to correct obvious problems, repairs are also done for cosmetic reasons. Any required repairs such as rust removal, straightening, priming and painting.

Building maintenance
The Quonset Air Museum is a WWII Building that requires constant upkeep. Volunteers would help with the hard and soft services of the structure, ensuring that the security, health and safety, and maintenance of this historical structure are in place to a satisfactory level.

Guided tours – Do you know Aviation History and love to talk about it? 

Public Relations – Would you like to work with media in very creative ways? 

Grant writing – This is where our real support comes from, can you help? 

Display / Carpentry / Construction – Basic skills with rewarding results! 

Data base manager – Curatorial data input 

Classroom instructor
– On site
– Off site 

Please let us know how you would like to contribute.  or call us at (401) 294-9540.

Repair and Maintenance by Rich Rossi and John Kane