How to organize a small linen closet


A linen closet can be difficult to organize, especially if it is small. These organizing tips can help you eliminate the mismatched bedding from your linen closet and make more space on your shelves.

Clear out your Closet and Purge

It’s better to start with a blank canvas for any organizing project. You need to get rid of everything. Take everything out of your linen closet and arrange it on a table. This will allow you to sort each item. Next, it’s time for purging.

Rachel Winter, a professional organizer from Happy Home Organizers, says that you should only keep what you actually use. It’s your choice to use it or lose it. It is important to ensure that everything is clearly visible and easily accessible. You don’t need to dig! Get rid of any expired first aid or beauty products. Also, get rid of towels that aren’t needed and mismatched sheets.

Linen Closet Organization: Simple Tips
Linen Closet Organization: Simple Tips

It is a good idea to have at least three sheets per bed and three towels per person. This will allow you to have enough sheets and towels to use one, one in your linen closet, and one in the laundry. To clear out closet space, you can donate any excess.

Arrange items based on how often they are used

When you are putting things back in the linen closet, consider how often you use each item. Place your daily towels and sheets on the highest shelves. This is usually in the middle. You can reserve higher shelves for seasonal linens like a winter down comforter.

You can reduce the amount of stuff you have or store them elsewhere if it’s still too much. For example, sheets could be kept in the same room as the bed they are used on. You should not stuff items in a closet. Let your items breathe!” Winter says.

Find your towel-folding style

Not only will neatly folded towels make your linen closet look better, but they also help you save valuable shelf space. There are many ways to fold towels. The best one for you will depend on the width of your shelves and your personal preferences.

Home Depot has a number of great tutorials for towel folding, including tri-fold and rolled. The KonMari towel fold was popularized by Marie Kondo, the decluttering queen. Here are some more Marie Kondo organizing tips!

Keep Sheet Sets together

Winter recommends that sheets be stored together. She says that this is the best way to not lose anything. You can keep your sheets tidy by folding them neatly and placing them in a separate pillowcase. These handy shelf labels can be used to identify the exact location of each size bed in your home. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally grab queen-size sheets when you make the king-size bed.

Use baskets and bins

Baskets and bins are a great way to make the most of every inch in your linen closet. Winter prefers clear storage bins for small items such as soaps, first aid, and vitamins. She uses these shoebox-sized tubs. Winter says, “I can’t leave home without them.” They have a clean, neat look. You can stack them by putting the lid on. To maximize space, you should always stack them vertically.” A large basket placed on the closet floor can hold larger items.

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