How to organize a small foyer closet


The foyer closet is the most important closet in the house. It stores a wide range of items that aren’t available elsewhere. Because of its multi-purpose nature, it can be difficult to organize, particularly if you have a small one. Are you ready to make your chaotic mess a support for your busy lifestyle? These smart organizing solutions will help you organize your small closet.

Take stock of your Closet

Take everything out. Next, evaluate what items should be moved, which things can be donated or thrown away, and what can be kept. It is important to keep only what you need in small closets.

Take care when preparing

Although it may sound counterintuitive, gather any other items in your home that you think should be stored there. Things you will need before you leave the house. Do you find your dog’s leashes always clogging up the kitchen counter? Are your children in need of a place to store their backpacks?

Good candidates are generally easy-to-access items. Donna Smallin Kuper, a professional organizer from states that the foyer closet was originally designed to store outerwear. It can also be used to store other items such as a vacuum cleaner upright, which can be hidden but still easily accessible.

Shelftrack Elte ClosetMad Entryway Closet Coat
Shelftrack Elte ClosetMad Entryway Closet Coat

Each Inch

It’s now time to maximize the space in your foyer closet. Aby Garvey from Simplify101 suggests looking for spaces that have been unused and turning them into storage. Garvey suggests that if you have extra space above your closet shelf, you can add a shelf-riser to it or another shelf to store out-of season items. Garvey says that if you don’t use the closet’s interior, you can get an over-the door shoe organizer. This will allow you to store items as you go out of the house such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats in winter and summer.

Organise by Family Member

Everyone should have a designated area for their wallet, gloves, keys, wallet, and house keys. This is especially useful if you have children and don’t want to hear “Where’s my beanie?” every other day. Use an over-the door shoe organizer, hanging shelves or these wall-mount wire baskets and attach them to the closet door. Label your name with the label.

Mount Hooks

Smallin Kuper states that hooks are great for small closets as they can be placed anywhere. This adds value and versatility to storage. To hold purses and reusable grocery bag, hang them on the back of your door. Or on the sidewall to store narrow items like scarves or umbrellas. You can also hang them low in the back for kids to hang their coats. You can use the drill or the adhesive hook method.

Make a Shoe Spot

A foyer closet is a great place to store shoes. Garvey prefers to make the most of the floor space by using catchall baskets, tiered shoe racks, or labeled pull out bins. You can either buy a pre-made or build your own shoe shelf to keep the floor clutter-free. You might keep snowy or muddy boots in the foyer closet. In this case, a decorative boot tray is an option.

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