How to organize a small closet for kids


It can be difficult to keep your children’s closets organized, especially if there isn’t much space. These are some tips to help you clean out your kids’ closets and organize them so that every inch is used.

Get rid of outgrown clothes and toys

To organize a child’s closet, especially one that is small, you must get rid of anything they have outgrown. The closet should be empty and you can then evaluate what items should go. Rachel Winter, organizing expert at Happy Home Organizers says that it is important to ensure that your child does not have any items in the closet. Don’t let your child keep any items that he or she doesn’t use, read, or play with. Donate or Sell

Keep on top of clutter

Children change quickly and their needs constantly. Therefore, it is important to clean out their closets at least twice per year. To help you remember, put a reminder in your planner. You can also keep a hamper or donation box in your closet. You can place clothes that no longer fit in the box and donate them when they are full.

Let the kids help

Children learn from their parents that organizing and cleaning up helps clear the clutter. Winter says, “You want them feel pride and responsible for keeping their bedroom and closet clean and organized.”

Keep it Kid-Height

You want your children to be able to reach the things that they use every day. Low hanging rods, low-hung hang hooks, drawer units, and open bins are all options. Fabric bins with handles make it easy for children to access the closet. The higher shelves can be reserved for personal mementos, off-season clothing and other items that are not worn daily.

Use a hanging organizer

Jennifer Burnham, Organization Coach, loves the idea of using a hanging organizer to organize folded clothes. They are great for small closets as they make use of vertical space that would otherwise be wasted. It can be used to help children plan their outfits. We love the hanging organizer that lists the days of each week.

Label everything

Labels are essential for any organizing project, especially one that involves children. You want to be able to see everything clearly, and where it is located. Winter says that kids will be more motivated if there is a place for everything. Use icons or pictures instead of words for younger children who aren’t able to read.

Sort Hanging Clothes By Color

It helps to organize the clothes and makes the closet look cleaner. It makes it simple for children to organize and find their clothes. Imagine: They won’t have to ask you where your favorite blue shirt is! These space-saving, flocked hangers are also kid-sized.

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