How to Install Pegboard


This article will show you how to hang a pegboard inside a garage or workshop, and organize your tools.

What is Pegboard?

You can use a 1/4-inch masonite board with 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch holes. These boards are available at most home centers. Tom shows you how easy it is to mount it on an open stud bay.

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This will allow you to place peg hooks without damaging the wall. Mount scrap wood on top if there is no open stud bay to mount the hooks. Tom shows you how the final product can help to keep your workspace organized and clean.

How to Install a Pegboard

Tommy uses a masonite board as he is most familiar with it.

  1. A pegboard wall organizer can be mounted on studs by finding an open bay.
  2. Mount scrap wood on a wall to provide the hooks with the necessary space behind the pegboard if the area you are looking for is not a wall. Mount the scrap wood over any existing studs to ensure support.
  3. Hooks and/or pegboard accessories can be used to hang up tools.


Tom hung the pegboard from a 2×4′ Brown Heavy Duty Pegboard Wall Organizer made by Triton Products. These pegboards can be attached to any wall using wall screws that can be purchased at any home centre.

Tom bought a pegboard set to hold the hooks. The kit is 1/4 inch Zinc Plated Steel Pegboard Assortment Kit (43 pieces), and is available at The Home Depot.


  • Screws
  • Pegboard
  • Peg hooks

Tools & Materials

  • Drill

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