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Mixed metallics are a big trend in design that has taken the world by storm. It was once considered a sin to mix metallic textures within a space. Today, mixing metallics purposefully creates visual interest and contrast. The bathroom is the best place to achieve that chic, modern and elegant look. It’s an ideal place to experiment with mixed metallics, thanks to all the fixtures. Continue reading to find out how.

Silver and gold go well together

You won’t go wrong if you combine silver and gold. They can be combined so that they complement each other. Your bathroom will be stylishly contrasting with the cool silver and warm golden.

How To Mix Metals In Your Home For A Subtle But Eclectic
How To Mix Metals In Your Home For A Subtle But Eclectic

Above is a photo of an interesting organization. The gold highlights the black wall and silver fixtures are at the bottom. The black background is complemented by the gold, while the silver does not compete with it. The space doesn’t look chaotic by combining silver and gold in this way.

For an additional pop of color, add bronze

There are many other options available. This design combines bronze cabinet doors handles, silver faucets, and gold light fixtures. This space shows that mixed metallics can be combined, provided you have some organization. The room features a gold theme at its top and a silver tone in the middle. Bronze cabinets are located at the bottom. The room progresses in gold-silver/bronze, similar to award metals. The metallic pieces are also enhanced by the light color of the room.

Mixing Metals In The Bathroom What To Do And What Not To
Mixing Metals In The Bathroom What To Do And What Not To

The room is unified by subtle shades

The above photo shows you how metallics can be combined in a more casual way. Warm wood colors look great with warm-toned cabinet handles made of warm gold. The cool polished nickel-type faucet looks great with the white marble. On either side of the light-colored mirror frame, you’ll find bright chrome light fixtures.

Mirror frames are the key element to bringing together the silvery fixtures and deep gold cabinet handles into one cohesive look. This is an excellent idea for mixed metallics designs, where the focus is not on the metallic fixtures.

The Biggest Bathroom Trend For 2019 PureWow
The Biggest Bathroom Trend For 2019 PureWow

Mixed metallics look complete with accessories and metallic statuary

You don’t have to remodel your bathroom. Instead, you can add metallic statuary to it. As you can see, the metallic gold leaf statues contrast well with the shiny faucet fixtures. A copper statue could be used to add color to the room’s silvery fixtures.

Metallics are versatile. You can use one color to accent another. This is possible by adding metallic statuary to your home. This look can be achieved without spending a lot on expensive solid-gold statues. Instead, you can spray metallic spray paint to withstand water and spray an accent piece or statue.

Contrast between bright and dark faucet fixtures is created by contrast

Mixing dark and light metallics in the bathroom can be a great way to mix them. Combining dark wrought iron cabinet handles with brighter colors like chrome faucet fixtures makes it a great combination.

This style is unique because of how it organizes: The chrome faucets stand out against the rest wrought iron fixtures. Also, the white cabinets show off the dark door handles.

What have you done with mixed metallics in your bathrooms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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