Children’s Bedroom Furniture Ideas with Trundle Beds


It can be exciting and fun to choose the right furniture for your kids’ bedrooms. You can make a statement in any room of your home with vibrant colors and decorative themes.

Many parents believe organization is essential. You can’t have enough storage to store all the toys that can clutter up an area. We know that pictures are worth 1,000 words so we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful rooms, with bright, cheerful colors and lots of trundle bed options.

You’ll see that there are many space-saving options with pull and fold out desks, trundle beds and tables. There are also storage cabinets available in a variety of configurations to help you visualize ideas you may have missed.

We hope you find some ideas to decorate your children’s bedrooms with accessories and furniture. It’s the little details that matter. These examples are not the best, so take a look at these photos and good luck with your project.

Bedroom Furniture for Children

  • Bright Pink For a Young Girls Room
  • Blue for a Boys Bedroom With Bunk Bed
  • Green Room with Plenty of Storage
  • The Lime Green Children’s Room with Trundle Bed
  • Green Kids Trundle Bed
  • Trundle bed with storage galore
  • Children’s Room with Trundle Beds in Blue and Red
  • For small spaces, green and red Trundle
  • Bright Orange Trundle Bunk Beds
  • Storage Galore Kids Trundle
  • Bright Blue Bunk with Storage

Slider Wardrobes with Trundle Beds

  • Slide Out Trundle Beds
  • Blue and Green Kids Bed
  • Orange and Blue Bedroom with Storage Ideas
  • With storage, blue and lime green truffle
  • Orange and Yellow with Storage
  • Bunk with Wardrobes Below
  • Trundle Bed and Settee
  • Blue and Cream with Work Desk
  • Bright Pink Girls Room
  • Multi-Color Bunk with Wardrobes
  • Orange and blue with a Work Desk and Storage
  • Orange and red with sliding doors and a work desk
  • Blue Trundle with Work Desk and Wardrobe
  • Multi Storage and Desk Kids’ Room
  • Orange, Blue and White Wardrobes
  • Stylish Boys’ Room with Desk
  • Bunk Beds and Large Desk Space
  • Bunk Bed with Desk and Walk-In Wardrobes
  • Bright Lipstick Red for Girls Room

Trundle Bed with Desk and Lots of Storage

  • Storage for Blue and White Boys’ Room
  • Two Tier Bedroom For a Mansion
  • Murphy Bed With Storage
  • Minimal design with storage
  • Orange and red with desk and wardrobes
  • Twin Bunks with Under Desk Girls Room
  • Bunks in Green or Orange with Desk
  • Blue and Red Boys Room
  • Pink Girls Room with Desk and Storage
  • Boys’ Room: Minimal Cleaning
  • Blue and Green Trundle Boys Room
  • Girls Room with Trundle Beds
  • Teddy’s Room Design with Desk
  • Blue Boys’ Room with Trundle and Storage
  • Green Boys Room with Wardrobes Desk and Storage
  • Two-tiered Room
  • Storage Space in Plenty for Yellow and Blue Bedrooms

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